My talk at UISGCon in December 2015


I had a great time giving a talk at the 11th annual security conference organized by the Ukrainian Information Security Group UISGCon 11 in Kiev. The number of people that showed up, including members of the military, pleasantly surprised me. All the people I met were very kind. I’m sure I’ll visit Kiev at some point again.

Here are a few photos from the conference UISGCon1 UISGCon2 UISGCon3 UISGCon4 UISGCon5

I took the time to walk around Kiev and I’ve included a few photos from my walking around.

Kiev1 Kiev2 Kiev3 Kiev4 Kiev5

I took a very interesting day tour to Chernobyl. There is a lot of history I was unaware of, relating to the tragedies in Chernobyl. I understand why my friends from the Ukraine do not feel comfortable talking about it. As a native, it’s understandable not to go, but if you’re a tourist I think it should be obligatory to visit (make sure you pay attention to the documentary showed on route).

Chernobyl1 Chernobyl2 Chernobyl3 Chernobyl4 Chernobyl5 Chernobyl6 Chernobyl7 Chernobyl8 Chernobyl9 Chernobyl10 Chernobyl11 Chernobyl2

Written by Svavar Ingi Hermannsson (XxSiHxX) on December 4, 2015