SANS Defensible Security Architecture

This was my first time attending a SANS class. I really liked the location of the venue. The training took place in Prague, in the Czech Republic. I was attending the Defensible Security Architecture class. The quality of the class content was pretty good. I can understand why people have been praising SANS. At the end of the class everyone was split up into groups and played NetWars. My team (AlphaTEAM) consisted of myself and three other people; we got the most points and will receive a NetWars Coin :-)

This time I did take a couple of photos at the event:

SANS-2018-EMEA-01 SANS-2018-EMEA-02 SANS-2018-EMEA-03 SANS-2018-EMEA-04

The class ran long most days but I did get a chance to walk around the city. Here are a few photos:


The Apple Museum

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there’s an Apple museum in Prague. The museum itself is very interesting and entertaining. Specially if you have a technological background and you remember most of the early Apple products. I must say though…, this is the first time I’ve felt old seeing all these apple products (many of which I used) now in a museum :-) If you get a chance to visit the museum I recommend it. You don’t need to spend a long time in there…, you can just walk through and look at the evolution of various Apple products.

AppleMuseum1 AppleMuseum2 AppleMusuem3 AppleMuseum4

Written by Svavar Ingi Hermannsson (XxSiHxX) on August 25, 2018