The SANS NetWars coin finally arrived (Defensible Security Architecture - NetWars highest team score)


I’ve been waiting for this coin since September. To be honest I was starting to wonder if it got sent to Ireland instead of Iceland (that would not be the first time that would happen :-) ). As I mentioned in my previous blog post, me and three other guys were together in a team and played NetWars at the end of the SANS training in Prague in August. We got the most points and we each got a coin. We were told we should expect to receive it in the following month, but it finally arrived today, almost four months later :-)

SANS-NetWars-Defensible-Security-Architecture-coin SANS-NetWars-Defensible-Security-Architecture-coin-backside SANS-2018-EMEA-03 SANS-2018-EMEA-04

Written by Svavar Ingi Hermannsson (XxSiHxX) on December 7, 2018