Practical ARM exploitation class meets expectations

After taking the SexViaHex class at BlackHat which I was so highly impressed with, I was interested in taking the Practical ARM Explotation class, Xipiter offers, as well. I was happy to see Xipiter offering both classes jointly in Zurich, so I decided to attend the class.

Having only done exploitation on x86, I’ve been interested in taking a look at ARM for a while but not having found the time to do so. Getting the chance to attend this class was very enjoyable for me. Obviously most of the exploitation methodology is the same between x86 and ARM but there are quite a few nice ARM specific tricks you should be aware of if you’re going to start diving into ARM exploitation (that will save you a lot of hassle).

If you’ve done exploitation in the past, the majority of this class material will be familiar or known to you, but the ARM specific material is well worth class.

A big thanks to @pallsigurdsson for giving me tour of the Google offices in Zurich.

As usual I didn’t take any photos from class venue, but I did take the opportunity to wander around Zurich where I did take a few photos (some are included bellow). I love the city and hope to visit again soon.

zurich1 zurich2 zurich3 zurich4 zurich5 zurich6 zurich7

Written by Svavar Ingi Hermannsson (XxSiHxX) on October 6, 2016